Bay Area Cleaner Training Guide

Mastering the Art of Efficient Home Cleaning.

Elevate Your Cleaning Skills with Maid Service Today’s Comprehensive Training.


Bay Area Cleaner Training Guide and Onboarding

Unleash your potential as a cleaning professional with Maid Service Today’s Bay Area Cleaner Training and Onboarding Guide. Dive into comprehensive modules designed to refine your skills, elevate efficiency, and provide a seamless onboarding experience.

Transform into a cleaning expert ready to deliver exceptional service across the Bay Area. Join us in shaping immaculate spaces and building a rewarding career in the cleaning industry.

Once you successfully complete the interview, sign the Maid Service Today agency agreement contract, and clear the background check, you’re all set to begin working.

Sync Your Google Calendar with Maid Service Today Calendar System

  1. The most important thing is to sync your Google calendar with our calendar system so we can see when you are available for work.

  2. You should have received your LOGIN/PW from Maid Service Today already.  If not, please text to (650) 977-2968 and request your login and password.

  3. You must be on a PC or MAC with a browser open to do the next step.  It will be very difficult to do it on a mobile phone.

  4. Please download the document here so you can sync your Google Calendar with Maid Service Today’s calendar.
Maid Service Today Sync with Your Google Calendar

What to Do When You Get a Cleaning Assignment

Maid Service Today Rockstar cleaner guide

Here are the steps to do each cleaning job:


  1. When you get the text that there is a new job for you, please reply to the text within 1 hour that you accepted the job. 
  2. You will get reminders for your cleaning job as we get closer to the cleaning date.
  3.  Please make sure you have your cleaning supplies and your vacuum cleaner ready to go.
  4. Please plan your travel so you will arrive on time for the cleaning job.
  5.   Remember that each new job is your chance to showcase yourself as the potential regular cleaner for the customer. It’s crucial to maintain professionalism, punctuality and deliver exceptional results.
  6. Do a before and after walkthrough with the customer to ensure they are happy.  Remember the 24 hours happiness guarantee we offer.
  7. We always aim to get 5 stars ratings!

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